Spiritual Connections

Meditation is a sacred flower which is said to have its own individual spirit, the spirit of the Oneness of everything, the lack of division and the birth of true Love and connection with all life.


Meditation puts you in touch with yourself at the deepest levels where all structures of self-judgment vanish and your entire creativity is unleashed in its full glory!


Meditation dissovles boundaries and promotes compassion, togetherness, a sense of community and unconditional love towards our fellow human beings.

Life Counceling

Our experienced life coaches are here to help you focus on the spiritual changes you want to make in your life.

Free Meditation & Community Outreach

We work together with the local community in order to facilitate Meditation and Yoga for anyone seeking healing.

MeditationHeals.ME Community

MeditationHeals.ME Community is a sub-project of MeditationHeals.ME to spread awareness about the true physiological and psychological benefits of Meditation using science and ancient wisdom traditions.

Do you want to learn more about how Meditation can heal the mind and body?

We are currently preparing video presentations for education purposes!

Stay Tuned!

From our blog


on November 28, 2016

Meditation Heals Me I started meditation 20 years ago and have not gone a single day without meditating. It has brought about mind, body and spiritual healing. The term “psychedelic” is derived from the Ancient Greek words psychē (ψυχή, “mind or soul”) and dēloun (δηλοῦν, “to make visible, to reveal”), translating to “soul-revealing”. Meditation reveals our true psychedelic nature. We bear witness to the the Soul. Meditation is the key to unlocking the secrets of the mind, especially when combined with the Ancient experience and Shamanic wisdom of the ancestors.

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